Coaching is one of the most widely accepted methods for improving competencies of individual professionals, which also directly affects the improvement of the organization operations.
A large number of prominent professionals confirm that coaching had positive impact on their careers and lives.

Edulactica coaching method is a tool helping professionals to:

  • Find the right way and take action towards goal accomplishment
  • Become more self-dependent
  • Get greater satisfaction at work and in their life
  • Make a contribution to better teamwork and to the organization as a whole
  • Take greater responsibility for their decisions and duties
  • Work more easily and more productively with others
  • Communicate more efficiently
  • Develop specific skills

Taking into account that coaching gives individuals significant improvement of their basic personal and technical competencies, the organizations have the following benefits:

  • They acquire staff with improved skills
  • Employees accomplish targets more easily
  • Cooperation and communication among employees are increased
  • Staff potential is increased
  • Employees strengths and weaknesses are identified

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