Each company in its lifetime faces various challenges and difficulties that need to be eliminated or restricted. Consulting represents the best and most frequently applied tool used by leading companies, entities, countries and other types of legal entities that have one and only goal – to become better and increase their value.

Our consulting services focus on the most critical areas of a company, such as: strategy, management, marketing, finance, organization, technology, corporate finance, project management and human resources.

Our experts with long-standing experience in their fields possess the required qualifications to share know-how and implement best practices which will contribute towards significant increase of results and overcoming of ongoing difficulties in an organization.

Edulactica consulting focuses on 7 basic goals:

  • Delivery of required information
  • Problem solving
  • Diagnosis, which can induce problem re-definition
  • Providing solutions based on diagnosis
  • Assistance in implementing suggested solutions
  • Trainings about how organizations can handle the same problems in future
  • Permanent increase of organizational efficiency