The more the Internet is used in every sense, the more people are present on the Internet, the more businesses are moved online – the more criminals are caught by that wave and moved online as well into the cyber world.

Macedonia is not exempted from the global trends.

With so many business functions executed through the digital devices these days, from product development and planning to communication among teams, sales and marketing, finances and human resources, it is of crucial importance for the businesses to assure safe and secure functioning of their systems.

The rapid development of technology and communication make it possible for the money to move all around the world with great speed and ease.

This makes the combat against money laundering more difficult than ever.

A large number of economic analyses lead to a conclusion that strong financial institutions in the developing countries – such as banks and non-banking financial institutions – are among the key elements for economic growth.

Such institutions enable concentration of capital resources from domestic savings – and even funds from abroad – and efficient allocation of such resources for investment projects that create sustainable economic growth.

If we want to efficiently combat money laundering, we must look to a greater extent towards the novelties in Europe and the world and connect to the technology they start to use.

Criminals never sleep and are always one step ahead of all the others. They constantly look for new ways and new methods of deceiving authorities, financial institutions, and their systems.

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