Investment in financial education is investment the future.

Financial literacy means understanding of financial concepts, financial risks, as well as having skills, motivation and self-confidence for applying this knowledge in practice.

Making effective decisions and understanding the financial concepts are of crucial importance for the promotion of the financial wellbeing of individuals, as well as for the promotion of social and economic development.

These courses consolidate the key elements for successful management of finances and financial services.

These courses will enable the attendees to ask the right questions, see the real risks faced by business entities and investors, feel more self-confident in their ability to analyze business activities, performances and financial management. These skills and the required technical knowledge will be put into practice throughout the course using interactive examples and case studies, putting theory and practice in context.

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Knowledge sharing by top experts in innovative ways through gaining new experiences always results in significant improvement of your knowledge and the knowledge of your staff.

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Trainings that give the best focus on what is taught and opportunity to build relationships with the lecturer and the other attendees. The trainings are held on locations that we will suggest and our experts will share knowledge which will be an exceptional experience and will boost your competencies according to the most required current standards.

An economical solution which offers the possibility to optimize the training budget. Training sessions are tailored according to your staff specific needs and according to your preferences for time and location. In-house training gives your employees the possibility not to go out and come back to work wasting a significant amount of time. The expenses for these trainings are therefore significantly decreased. The trainings are customized to address the latest global industry, standards and business needs.

Online trainings take place in real time and they are interactive online courses lectured by experts and they address practical examples, simulations and discussions to enhance your knowledge. By logging into the virtual classroom, the attendees take part in an interactive course using our audio and visual Internet platform training. Our mixed learning approach combines virtual classroom methods with activities for getting Internet integrated approach.